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Commercialisti Associati Studio Bulfone Portogruaro

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Mister Gilberto Bulfone, born in Treppo Grande (Udine) and resident in Concordia Sagittaria (Venice).

  • Graduated at the University “Ca' Foscari” in Venice.
  • Chartered accountant, has been enrolling since 1989, at “Albo dei Dottori Commercialisti” in Venice, nr 618.
  • Registered Auditor
  • Expert of the Civil and Criminal Court in Venice, to nr 44 of the Accounting Category.
  • Expert of the Technical Advisers of the Civil and Criminal Court in Venice, to nr 165 of the Trade Category;
  • Arbitrator enrolled at the Chamber of Arbitration in Venice, to nr 306. The Chamber of Arbitration is a special agency of the Chamber of Commerce in Venice, whose aim is to solve disputes in a speedy and effcient way through arbitration and conciliation.

dr Romina Cereser

The Company is staffed, besides by the two Partenrs, by other graduated and skilled people (some of them are qualified as Indipendent Chartered Accountants), and by other people who got a diploma. All of them are able to supply advice and quality support to clients’ needs.



Studio Bulfone

via Zappetti, 21/F int. 3/4
30026 Portogruaro - Venezia
Tel. 0421 73186 - Fax 0421 73187

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